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4X4 Drive

The outlet glaciers in Iceland are retreating, making it more difficult to reach them.
We avoid the long 20-minute trek to the glacier by driving you as close to it as possible in our modified 4×4 truck. This way you will spend more time hiking on the ice, rather than hiking to it.


Certified Guides

Glaciers can be a dangerous place, filled with deep holes and cracks, which is why you want to make sure to have a certified guide leading you on your tour. Our experienced guides have certificates to the standards of AIMG (Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides) in glacier guiding, glacier safety, and crevasse rescue.


Budget friendly

Iceland is expensive! We understand that travelling with the whole family can be pricey. We want everyone to be able to experience the wonder of glacier hiking, which is why we offer the lowest price for children.

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