Our story

Hello! We are Oddur and Kateřina, two glacier guides and owners of Melrakki adventures. We love being outside, hiking in the mountains and exploring the wild glaciers. We would like to share our excitement for the outdoors with our customers as well. Being in the middle of the silent ice field, far from anyone else, with occasional sound of cracking ice and trickling water streams is an experience like no other. That is one of the reasons why we like to keep the groups really small. It is easier to get further into the glacier as we can give more attention to the individuals and we can explore a bit more difficult terrain. Having a personal dimension to the tours is why we love our job. We enjoy chatting with the group while hiking, telling you fun facts about Iceland, listening to stories from your travels.


We have decided to name our company Melrakki, which is one of the oldest Icelandic words for arctic fox. Arctic fox is the only land mammal native to Iceland. When it comes to glaciers, they are not the most popular place in the animal kingdom, for obvious reasons. Usually the only animals you can spot there are birds, but arctic fox can sometimes wander off on the glacier looking for prey. If you’re lucky in the winter, you can spot their footprints in the snow.